Paul Innes is the Sole Director of WITHINNES Pty Ltd which was registered as a company on the 27th of November 2007.

CAREANDSUPPORT was registered as a business by WITHINNES Pty Ltd on the 19th of June 2008 and ran a Disability Service Provider business initially established to administer Paul’s own government funded package. Paul soon realised how many other people a service like his could help. In 2011 CAREANDSUPPORT applied to Disability Services Queensland to assist other government funded Clients and was approved. CAREANDSUPPORT provided a quality service for two years and in 2013 became a private service to enable greater flexibility for Clients and Organisations.

In 2014 WITHINNES Pty Ltd decided to provide an even more comprehensive service by offering not only care but also mobility equipment and advice on accessible accommodation to both private and government funded Clients, launching a new business called Independence World.

As of January 2018, Paul and April decided to take Independence World even further and registered the business to become an NDIS Service Provider. By September 2018, Independence World had become Registered Providers of the NDIS for various supports including supports for both Low and High Intensity Clients.