Topro Troja Adjustable Back Support $60.00

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Back support that attaches to the back of a wheelie walker. Fully adjustable padded backrest to fit Topro Torja and Olympus rollators. Enables user to sit back more comfortably and safely.

Folding Mechanism

Spring-loaded push button: depress and hold down the push button whilst folding in the sides of the frame. When unfolding ensure the buttons lock into place. Pull cord: pull upwards on the wooden ball to fold the front and back legs together. Quick Releas

Height adjustment mechanism

Spring-loaded push button. Depress and hold down the spring-loaded button whilst sliding the extension leg up or down to the desired set of holes. The extension leg height should be determined by the users own height to ensure the most effective and safe position. Make sure the spring-loaded button is fully extended through the desired hole before putting weight on the item.

Walking frame brakes

Push down brakes activate by pushing down on the handles or by sitting on the seat. Cable Brakes activate by squeezing the brake handle towards the hand grip (e.g. similar to bicycle brakes). They can be applied temporarily or locked into position. Castor brakes are activated by pushing the lever down with your foot.







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