Why We Are Different?

As you will see in Our Team Profiles and Testimonials, we know how to find the right people and keep them. The Management and Staff turnover of a lot of services in the region is astounding. Our Staff enjoy above award wages, bonuses, do not have to work back to back shifts, only have to work 1 weekend out of every 2, always get their minimum required hours and a generous Staff party.

We believe in empowerment. We encourage and assist Clients that are willing and able to fully manage their own funding. This would mean that one day the Client would not use our service at all. Our Director manages his own funding, no other service has this experience to be able to do this.

Unlike most other services which tend to become too big to maintain quality, we guarantee to never exceed having more than 15-20 Clients, just enough to employ an adequate Management Team and deliver quality service. We believe that any more than this results in a decline of quality care and service, with Management not able to personally oversee the well-being of each individual in their care.

Though some services don’t want you to become ‘attached’ to your Carer, we promote long lasting relationships. We understand that a Client does not necessarily become attached but rather begins to trust, find security and reliability in long lasting Employees and they can both begin to think outside of the box. Independence World can find live-in Carers and even lifelong Carers. Money cannot buy this and the peace and security it brings.

Our service understands that the partner of a person with a disability should be allowed to be paid to care for them. In times of crisis, private holidays (The person with a disability usually still wants their partner with them and doesn’t want to have to pay extra for an Employee’s travel and accommodation costs) and on other special occasions, the person with a disability and their partner may want privacy. They still need care, their partner is doing the job, they are probably not being paid from their other employment on every occasion and the bills still need to be paid. Other services refuse to do this because some people with a disability could be taken advantage of. We guarantee to make sure this does not happen. Though we understand that community integration and networking is a normal part of any person’s life, it is not always as easy for people needing care and at times impractical. We do want to save the tax payer money but not at the expense of individual circumstances.

Big services tend to send people with a disability whoever they have on their books. Independence World understands that each person has an individual need for care and personality. By law, when we advertise for workers to care for a person with a disability in their own homes, the person is allowed to discriminate against everything except race. For instance, an elderly lady can’t be expected to have to have a young man showering her, especially if she is religious or has a husband. She is the queen of her house and it is her sanctuary. It is not the same law in a public institution like a hospital or nursing home. People that are needing help, generally want workers that are able to do the specific job. If they ask for somebody who is physically and mentally healthy, of a certain age, with certain qualifications or licences, in a certain geographical area, we make sure that’s who they get. Does anybody know a 101 year old ex politician that likes ballet, must not wear aftershave, lives within 2 streets of Smith Street and wants to work from 2am to 4am on a Sunday? We need two of him!