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We have a new idea here at Independence World. Unlike other care services, we offer 24-hour support and guarantee your care. We take care of our Carers so they are reliable. As a final way to give you peace of mind, our Manager has always been a carer first and If need be, they themself will care for you. We understand as well that when a care service grows too big, it isn’t caring any more. It’s Managers managing Managers. It exchanges personal responsibility with company profit. That’s why we also guarantee that our service will only ever have 24 Clients. Assuring that our team can adequately care for you, your individual circumstances and desires. This is just a couple of the reasons why we have created what we call, 24 of Care.

Other services automatically charge you the most they can get from the NDIS, we do not. That instantly means more care for you. And also because we do not charge you for anything, other than if you need transport and your hourly care.

24 of Care means that we are willing to be here for you for life. One way we achieve this is by finding more than casual Carers. While other services have up to 85% staff turnover, the majority of our Carers are long-term. We enjoy their loyalty because they are valued and respected. We guarantee the amount of hours they want each week, they enjoy some of the highest rates in the industry and they receive regular pay rises. Our Carers get birthday and Christmas bonuses and the boss still manages to buy each of them presents. We have the biggest staff party each year of any care service we know. And our Clients are invited. Our Carers are part-time, full-time, live-in or lifetime. You can’t get more security than that.

We write thorough job details for each individual Client. And because we are a private company, our Carers are allowed to be all-rounders. That means they can do everything for you. Not just care, not just cleaning, not just gardening. Our Carers must pass a memory and fitness test. They must have exemplary hygiene. They undergo Senior First Aid courses and Police checks. Our Carers are not permitted to work if they are ill or have not slept properly. They are personally trained by our quadriplegic Director and must be able to sufficiently care for him before being sent to any other Client. They can have as many training shifts as they require until they are able to do the job. And they get paid for it.

Always there, 24 of Care.

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Paul Innes is the Sole Director of WITHINNES Pty Ltd which was registered as a company on the 27th of November 2007. CAREANDSUPPORT was registered as a business by WITHINNES Pty Ltd on the 19th of June 2008 and ran a Disability Service Provider business initially established to administer Paul’s own government funded package. Paul soon realised how many other…