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Other home care services have rules and limitations on what they will allow you to get their in home Support Workers to do for you. We understand that there are a range of tasks that our Clients may require assistance with. Our Support Workers are always happy to help in whatever way they can and have been trained to have an all round competence with a range of tasks that may be required so that you can live the life you want to live with less worries about limitations. Because our Support Workers can do so much, you wont find yourself needing to hire seperate services such as cleaners, landscapers or handymen for around your home, we got you covered!

Hygiene and cleanliness is a top priority for Independence World and our in home Support Workers. Patients with disabilities are at a higher risk of medical issues arising from poor hygiene conditions, so every precaution is taken by our Support Workers to keep your home and personal space sanitary and clean. We ensure that the personal hygiene and presentation of our Support Workers is always up to par. Our Support Workers must be showered with clean teeth, breath and well presented before arriving for each shift. Each time before coming into contact with a Client and when completing tasks in different areas, our Support Workers must wash their hands thoroughly to prevent any cross contamination. We offer fully comprehensive cleaning services around the Clients home and will pay thorough attention to ensuring every area and surface is cleaned properly and up to Covid standards. Our Clients personal property is obviously important to them and that importance is respected by our Support Workers, they will make sure that everything in the Clients home goes back to its proper space to maintain whatever organisation system that is familiar and preferable for the Client.

Many homes and Clients have a garden or house plants that require regular maintenance, including watering, trimming, yard organisation, mowing and fertilisation. The Director Paul has owned his own farm in Kuranda and has vast knowledge on many farming and gardening practices and has passed this information on to our Support Workers. You can be well assured your Support Worker will have the ability to keep your gardens healthy and beautiful and to carry out any maintenance with whatever method is required.

Clients can have a variety of loved companions that need quality care just as much as they do. We absolutely love all types of animals here at Independence World and will make sure that no matter what animals you have by your side, they will be well fed, looked after and get the attention they deserve. Whether its feeding, cleaning, playing, training, or taking them for exercise, our Support Workers will make sure it is carried out with care. All animals are included; dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, or even other exotic types of pets can be looked after.

Every Client and disability is unique, but in many cases such as spinal injuries or movement impairing conditions, the Client will need help with doing physical exercises. Physical movements will prevent muscle atrophy and degredation or otherwise prevent pressure sores or any other ailments that may arise. Physical fitness is a prerequisite when hiring our Support Workers, so they are able to perform physically intense activities such as moving and stretching immobile limbs. They are trained to move the Client with proper technique so it is safe for both the Client and the Support Worker. We are attentive and will listen to the Clients instructions as physio exercises are specific to each individual or disability.

You have a life to live the same as everyone else, so our Support Workers are not bound to just look after you in your own home but are able go with you and provide care with whatever activities you carry out in your life and any places you go if it is required. With our professional presentation and fun engaging personalities, we can make a day out in town to be pleasant and joyful. Your friends will be envious when they see how great it is having an Independence World Support Worker by your side to make life easier.

Food and the enjoyment of food is such a large part of life, so we have trained our Support Workers with how to prepare a variety of tasty meals. We can’t claim to be professional chefs, but our Support Workers know their way around the kitchen and how to use the basic cooking equipment and how to cook food at the right temperature and time to get great results. With the ingredients in your fridge and pantry, we can prepare your favourite meal to your liking, or create new flavoursome and satisfying meals for you to enjoy. Put us to the test!

Living with a disability comes with greater medical requirements such as taking medications or performing certain procedures that may be required. Our Support Workers make sure to learn exactly what their Clients routine is and will keep track to give them medications on time and make sure you are keeping in good health. We have an experienced Nurse as part of our team to consult with or otherwise help with any more complex medical situations. Our Support Workers are always attentive and aware of your health and you can be rest assured that even in worst of circumstances, your Support Worker will immediately have emergency services called and you will have the proper support and care to get back to good heath.

Our care service is tailored to you and your individual needs, so get in contact with us to see what more we can help you with! With our highly capable Support Workers, the sky is the limit and your lifestyle can be whatever you want it to be. Experience the difference of Independence World’s Premium Home Care Service.